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What is it? This is the tax that will be chargeable on the transfer, sale or otherwise disposing of for example an asset that has gone up in value such as a property, painting, shares, bonds etc.  The tax is only chargeable on the profit element and not the sale proceeds.

This is one tax that changes all the time resulting in complexities. The good news is that at Strictly Accounts we have the expertise to deal with the various aspects this tax covers – we always know and advise on the reliefs and exemptions. HM Revenue and Customs do not give any advice on this. We can save you money by applying these reliefs and exemptions.
Our job is to plan/ advise you of the tax planning opportunities with you and in order to mitigate/reduce the potential tax if you are considering selling

  • Property that is not your main home
  • Paintings
  • Shares that are not an ISA or PEP
  • Business
  • If you are intending to sell your property portfolio to your company to continue getting mortgage interest relief

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