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Cashflow is to the business as oxygen is to humans for life to continue. A business cannot survive without it. So what are can Strictly Accounts do to ensure the business has positive Cashflow?

We can liaise with companies that have been carefully selected to ensure a safe and cost-effective method of collecting debts without having to go to courts to resolve disputes at the outset. They will provide you with good advice and can also manage the individual difficult clients or the entire sales ledger if you wish. They will tailor the service to suit your needs.

Weekly or monthly emails are sent to clients. Any correspondence from them is forwarded back to you. Advice is given and invoices and terms and conditions structured so that the invoices can be recovered with interest, additional costs and promptly where necessary.

The following are the services:

  • Sales Ledger Management
  • Company/Land Registry Searches
  • Insolvency Book Debt Collection
  • Status Reports & Credit Checks
  • Undisclosed Credit Control
  • Advice and guidance on account opening procedures (e.g. Incorporation of Terms and Conditions & Retention of Title)
  • Nationwide Process Serving of documents
  • Commercial Debt Recovery
  • Consumer Debt Recovery
  • Bulk Letter Service for volume debtors
    Enquiry Agents & Tracing services

Please call our friendly professional team to discuss how our service can benefit you.

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