Tax Returns

Why do I need to do a tax return?  The following are the standard reasons why it is essential to do a Tax Return; you could be:

  • a company director
  • a landlord letting out property as buy to let
  • in self-employment or have a business partnership arrangement
  • a saver having sizeable amounts of savings and/or investment income
  • receiving income of at least £50,000 and tax credits, receiving child benefit
  • working and/or receiving income from overseas
  • a seller or gifted an asset to someone else for example shares, property etc.
    You’ve lived or worked abroad or aren’t domiciled in the UK

As business and tax advisors, we ensure that you declare the figures accurately and avoid any errors, resulting in the overpayment of tax.

Here at Strictly Accounts, you can have the confidence we have the correct HMRC approved software.  With this in mind, we can

  • Prepare your tax return
  • Calculate and let inform you of the tax to pay
  • Electronically submit or post the paper return should the need arise
  • Check your statement of account at HMRC and communicate with you so that you have clarity of what payments are expected or if a refund is due.
  • Negotiate with HMRC to defer payments in case you have challenges in settling your tax liabilities.

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